Everyday Ideas

Here you can find some easy ideas you can simply implement in your every day life if you like...

There are several areas where we can easily adapt a different lifestyle if it suits us enough. Even changing a little bit will have an impact and will also give you a chance to explore a different way of living. 

Some seem like a challenge at the beginning, some seem like a real time adventure, but in any case let me say thank you to you for every time you try, because there is no such thing as being perfect and every new thing we are trying is a learning process where mistakes only mean a chance to find out a better way... but don`t forget the fun aspect, because otherwise it might be easy to fall off the waggon and give up because it seems too tough or complicated or whatever. 


Clothing - yes Clothing is a huge issue concerning our environment, because it is very often a dirty process to produce and dye the clothes. Therefor one choice could be to buy used clothes or organic ones. And there are lots of great labels out there, just give it a try...

Food - every time you decide to leave out animal products is a step towards helping the environment. Or maybe even try it, don`t shy it: Go vegan. Therefor watch Bite Size Vegans Channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcv2lOOJYI8

The reason why food is such a large issue is because producing meat or dairy needs so much more ressources and causes devastation of huge areas of land. 

Garden - in this area, if you do have a garden, it is probably more about trying some new googles, which don`t include the kill-mentality, but moreof seeing diversity as a matter of helping the resistance of plants in general and also trying to find out which plants support each other, so you don`t need to use any chemicals but moreover create a whole intertwined system. 

If you do not have a garden then how about trying to plant some vegetables on the balcony or help out in a community garden if you like.