So what exactly is the vision of Regrow Our Planet?

Let us built a network of capable people around the world, where everyone can use their know-how and knowledge to add to regrowing our planet. Be sure every capability is needed, every effort that you are willing to put in is very welcome and gives energy to the solution. Even only sharing ideas or infos of any sort are great. 

Considering the more practical idea, it is literally about regreening our planet. Collecting seeds could be one of the steps. Growing plants could be another step. Finding out about a so called infertile land would be yet another step. If there is someone who is already familiar with forest gardening, sharing your knowledge would also be so vital. Getting hold of land that was devastated (desert land or deadland) or get into contact with the communities around so called infertile land. If someone could analyze the conditions that are found there and planning how e.g. dryness or land toxicity could interfere with the plan to regreen this area, perfect. If there needs to be a step inbetween for detoxing the land, there might be a period where those plants need to be found which are robust enough for this area and help in makind the ground fertile enough again. The next step would be to slowly built a forest garden on this land in respect with the conditions of the area plus food plants that are regional.So many huge gardening supply companies throw loads of plants away because they do not fit into the customers expectation, maybe we could start asking for those plants and plant them on a garden project nearby. If the land stays in the hands of the locals it is important to educate the people about the complexity of the ecosystems and the importance to find a system which itself is in balance, which means it does not need any fertilizers or pesticides or anything additional because it lives in a constant cycle. In case there is a chance to get the land it is important to ensure that if there is a food forest grown there, that this land is intended to be used in this way only. 

I wish that this is a chance for a network. To be honest, I am very sure that there are so many capable and interested people out there who need to connect and literally start to built concepts on how it is possible to regrow our planet. Not only finding land with which to start but also helping with a concept on what the best way might be to make it work. Collect seeds, grow or find plants that are no longer needed, find a way to connect and give back the life to every spot on this earth where we get the chance to.

I am not here to tell you all the horrendous stories that are going on in this world. We all do know these... but I ask you to go with me on a small journey to imagine just for a few moments how paradise - which to me means the perfect earth - would look like. Because if we do focus on how to solve those huge issues, also by visualizing the aim, our energy and effort flows into the right direction.

When I do imagine the perfect state of our earth, I do see an almost limitless variety of species of plants and animals, I do see them thrive on earth, I see the whole spectrum of life and colours that is in any way possible for me to imagine. I can see them living just by their nature in complex ecosystems. From the smallest creature to the largest and all of them are unique. 

And I do see that humans as well can thrive on this earth, because I am convinced that everybody on this earth more deeply wishes to live on a healthy and living earth than on one that is left with deadzones by the destruction we have to face. 

I am totally convinced that it is possible to regrow our earth and to bring the deadzones back to life - but not if we turn a blind eye. It will be possible if we are willing to find some helpfull activity that also brings us joy. It is in our nature that we try to avoid states of suffering if we get the chance, so by feeling guilty we are burned out any forseeable time and also prefer to avoid this issue at all at any costs, but if we do feel amazement and wonder and joy in what helps this earth to fully come back to life, then our enthusiasm even touches others and those are the ripples of change that grow into large ocean waves full of life.