This is the place where you can find information to dug deeper into issues related to the wonders of how it is possible to regrow even lands where there seemed to be no more hope for but also why our diet could be a cause for deforestation and why it could be great to find new most favourite foods.


Forest Gardening

There are so many really impressive projects happening in this world, that I would love to introduce you to some that I stumbled across...

There are those impressive ones where people are literally regrowing desert lands into forest gardens. The magical word which makes this possible is called permaculture and besides regrowing devastated lands this also means supplying communities. 

Please have a look at Dan Harris-Pascals TedTalk:

Another very impressive example is Willie Smits TedTalk:


Or check out the Documentary Green Gold by John D. Liu:



Why does it matter to change the diet with a focus to mainly or if you can totally plant based? 

What does my diet have to do with deforestation and land loss? 

This is the place where I wish to dig deeper into this issue