Regrow Our Planet is a Vision that has grown very slowly and developed out of the need to truly save this earth. Many inspiring moments acted as step stones and helped to find the conclusion that saving the earth needs to be something which makes us feel good and not something that causes us pain to think about. Regrow Our Planet will hopefully be one day a large community of people who are willing to share their knowledge and potential to achieve a common vision. 

The person behind Regrow Our Planet is just like you, a common human being, probably with a similar vision than you do have. Deep in our heart roots the need to be surrounded by joy and life and we usually thrive while we spent time in nature. I am therefore deeply convinced that most of us humans would wish a thriving and healthy environment around us. We do suffer when we see pictures of destruction and pain and we mostly use a very healthy mechanism to numb ourselves, because it is often not bearable to see all these negative impacts. But this leaves us unsatisfied and we do know that hiding behind the closet won`t let any frightening aspect dissolve.

Did you also dream to save the world as a child? The endless urge to stop the suffering around you? I bet you did... 

Therefore let me invite you to open your heart for creating our paradise together