Regrow Our Planet is a Vision that has grown very slowly and developed out of the need to truly save this earth. Many inspiring moments acted as step stones and helped to find the conclusion that saving the earth needs to be something which makes us feel good and not something that causes us pain to think about. Regrow Our Planet will hopefully be one day a large community of people who are willing to share their knowledge and potential to achieve a common vision. 

The person behind Regrow Our Planet? Me? I am just like you, a common human being, nothing special, or maybe also very special in some ways - like you are as well - but I do feel very similar to all of the human beings. I could have been born in any country under any circumstances and still be human. We are all beings living on the same planet no matter which nationality or skin colour, we are all humans from the planet earth - and I honestly don`t know whether there is another planet with humans anywhere in this universe out there. And to be doubly honest: I deeply and truly love this beautiful earth, it amazes me every single time I pause for a moment to take a look at it, to observe it, to be aware of it.