Welcome to Regrow Our Planet

Thank you for stopping by because I need you, we need you!

What for?


To save the earth.

Sounds like a huge plan?

Might be. But...

Together we can do it. And I would love to say: We will do it.

It starts with the first step and the first step is that you - exactly YOU - share your ideas how you believe we could save our planet.

Why you, you mean? You think you are only one person, which sounds so small, you are convinced that you can change barely anything?

Well then listen: There is a most genius quote from Margaret Mead... take yourself some time to let it sink in:


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."


Every single deed has it`s ripples and the time you take for answering these questions and sharing your insights adds to a huge wave... 

Why not start right now?


1. If you would imagine the ideal state of the earth, how could you describe it?


2. How would your plan to save the earth look like?


3. Did you recognize any sort of destruction or change of the environment that somehow moved you?


4. What is your insight in this issue? Did you have any experiences that you felt were a step stone to saving our planet?

What kind of advice would you like to give us?


5. Just in case you would imagine that an organization or network would be needed for the solution, how would this network have to look like so that you would want to join it? 

What kind of characteristics would this network need to have to make it attractive for you and others to join? 


6. And if there were such a network, what kind of activity could you imagine doing? No matter how small or large, just anything that you feel good at... What would it be? 


Don`t worry, there is no sort of contract that binds you anyhow, so please feel free to answer honestly if you like. Answering these question is really only for finding out how a solution could look like, because more ideas bring more aspects to the surface. For example did I always feel bothered by any sort of organisations that confronted me directly with their issues because I felt like pressured to do something and if I did not act upon the expectation I somehow felt ignorant although it was more of a thing to take my own responsibility for my own deeds. I don`t know how you feel about this but this was a very obvious aspect of those organisations that turned me away. How does this sort of activism make you feel?


Please send your answers to these questions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


... as this website is still at the very beginning and still totally under construction... (one day - I promise you - a form will be there, but sorry, not now...)


Thank you so much for the time you took, because every single aspect someone is willing to share is an enrichment and a chance to add to the complex situation we do have.

I do honestly and sincerely feel grateful that you did.