English Article 1

I wish that this is a chance for a network. To be honest, I am very sure that there are so many capable and interested people out there who need to connect and literally start to built concepts on how it is possible to regrow our planet. Not only finding land with which to start but also helping with a concept on what the best way might be to make it work. Collect seeds, grow or find plants that are no longer needed, find a way to connect and give back the life to every spot on this earth where we get the chance to.

I am not here to tell you all the horrendous stories that are going on in this world. We all do know these... but I ask you to go with me on a small journey to imagine just for a few moments how paradise - which to me means the perfect earth - would look like. Because if we do focus on how to solve those huge issues, also by visualizing the aim, our energy and effort flows into the right direction.